Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What was I thinking: Ugly Clothes Post

Oh dear! Fashion Faux Pas
What was I thinking ?

Hi all!
I was questing posting this, but I thought why not something nice and light heartd that we can all relate to. So basically I was digging through my wardrobe for a hoddie just to slouch around in whilst I catch up with college work and I found this laying in the back of my closet.
Now for those who don't know this was my FAVORITE jumper like 4/5 years back. I remember begging my parents If I could get it and I literally didn't take it off for months and months after I got it. This was like my winter coat/spring jacket/lounge wear/every opportunity piece/

So yeah you get the picture, I loved this jumper. But when pulling it out of my wardrobe I realised the levels of dread and embarrassment I got from finding it in the depths of my wardrobe and this is because I now absolutely HATE this jumper. Everything about it, the wording, the colors the contrast hood! I look at it and think just why did my parents let me out in this practically every day.

So this Is just a small post reaching out to everyone and asking what item of clothing did you used to love by now absolutely hate?

Would love to hear from you all,
Joe xo


  1. haha i have SO many items in my wardrobe that I'm like what was i thinking dear god!!x

  2. haha! i guess we all have those moments.

  3. Ii have those moments all the time, i'll even look at my pictures from a month ago and be like waaaat was i doing/thinking lol

  4. i always look back at my previous years fashion choices and just think why.
    what was i doing.
    why didnt anyone tell me i looked so bad.

  5. hahahaha very funny post!!!!!


  6. Oooo... this is a very amusing post indeed. Love your idea behind it since everyone can relate to it definitely. I had this cerulean blue jeans as a kid.. ( you can cringe !! ) and it had a lot of pockets like a cargo ( I can feel you gasping) and each pocket closed with a buckle !! ( yikes.) And I used to like it. Horrendous feeling now.

    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  7. we all have moments where we look in our closet or see old pictures and just wonder.. "what in the world!?" lol. Great post!

    xo Haylee