Friday, 17 May 2013

Denim x Denim

Denim X Denim

Hello, Guys! Wow Its seems like its been ages since I have blogged something, so I am literally forcing myself to sit and write this. With exams, deadlines and college work piling around me kicking off a blog has been put on the back seat.

So inspired by IFB's denim post I thought Id rock one of my fave looks denim on denim. I know, I know. Gasp and Cringe all you want but im breaking the double denim rule guys and not going to lie I am living for it. I only think It works because they are two different shades of denim and would look amazing with a pop of color. So I just thought id share this look with you guys before I disappear off again.

Speak to you soon,
Much love
Joe xo


  1. Fuck you sure do the double denim trend justice. Good luck with all your exams.
    Bagged yourself a new follower!

  2. Tell me about it... haven't been able to blog in so long due to college work . so good on you for actually doing a post! :P aha , and i always wear denim on denim , gotta love the 80's look! x