Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What was I thinking: Ugly Clothes Post

Oh dear! Fashion Faux Pas
What was I thinking ?

Hi all!
I was questing posting this, but I thought why not something nice and light heartd that we can all relate to. So basically I was digging through my wardrobe for a hoddie just to slouch around in whilst I catch up with college work and I found this laying in the back of my closet.
Now for those who don't know this was my FAVORITE jumper like 4/5 years back. I remember begging my parents If I could get it and I literally didn't take it off for months and months after I got it. This was like my winter coat/spring jacket/lounge wear/every opportunity piece/

So yeah you get the picture, I loved this jumper. But when pulling it out of my wardrobe I realised the levels of dread and embarrassment I got from finding it in the depths of my wardrobe and this is because I now absolutely HATE this jumper. Everything about it, the wording, the colors the contrast hood! I look at it and think just why did my parents let me out in this practically every day.

So this Is just a small post reaching out to everyone and asking what item of clothing did you used to love by now absolutely hate?

Would love to hear from you all,
Joe xo

Sunday, 21 April 2013


Being sociable

Hi guys! Hope you have had a lovely weekend!

Just a little blog post to say thank you for all the recent love! and If you wanted to stalk follow me some more check me out on bloglovin' for some more boyinbrogues goodness! I would love to follow you all back on there and check out all your blogs so get following!
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Speak to you all soon,
Joe xo

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Great blogging expectation

My expectations of blogging

I mean in no way im a veteran blogger, but my opppions of blogging have vastly changed in the week of starting blogging. I have been reading blogs for years but I dont think its unitll you really chuck yourself into blogging and the blogging comunity you really get to know what its all about.

1st- You dont need an exspenice camera to take a outfit of the day picture-
I mean before I started the blog I used to see all these blogs with goerguse photos and these amazing lookbook pictures people used to post and wonder to what did they spend on the camera? I soon found out that there was an even bigger group of bloggers who like me just made use of some good lighting and their iphone and resulted in some rather nice and rather usable pictures. Lesson learned bigger isn't always better.

2nd You don't need to break the bank just to blog-
I have seen so many people showcasing there designer peices but high street works just the same. People don't just like things for the designer label they like things because they are fashionable.

3rd Blogging can only be done one way -
Allways when reading other peoples blogs I used to think that I need to think if I start blogging I need to blog like them. Wrong! I think blogging really gives you your own voice and encorages you to speak out with your own voice , not the voice of others.

4th Only insiders allowed-
After seeing the 'Alisters' of the blogging work I thought gosh will anyone even take the time to read my blog? I dont skype with designers or get gifted with personilied bags on a weekly basis. 
What I did find out is that is exclusively inclusive. Meaning only everybody is allowed in. I have had lovely bloggers returning comments, giving compliments and the whole 5 yards. Everyone is so daym nice!

Friday, 19 April 2013

Pre nice weather - Wish list

Wish list
1. Karl Pilkington tshirt (Fashion Vitcimt-Big cartel)
2. Mouse ears snapback (The Happy Shack-Asos)
3. Tile Print short sleve shirt (Topman)
4 GoldenHeart Sunglasses (Coco and Breezy)
5 Cellingprint tshirt (Pray for paris)

Morning everyone!
So the firday feeling hasnt quite hit me yet so before college I decided to do some Faux online Shopping. For anyone who doesnt know Faux shopping is essentaly where you just borwser but dont buy.
So this moring I found what has to been noted as the best tshirt I thinkI have ever seen. A t-shirt with a all over print collage of Karl Pilkton face.
The snap back I love and would total buy if only I suited hats. As soon as I wear anything on my head my head looks without a doubt 10x more out of proportion then it normally does.
I have been a huge fan of Coco and Breezy for like 2 years now since I first viewed their interview on StyleLikeU. They are an amazing twin design pair from American and create amazing sunglasses and accessory.
Pray for pairs has also been on my radar for a while since I have seen pictures crop up on some big time blogs/tumblr accounts. The prints and designs are always immaculate and are so versatile.

Speak to you soon,
Joe xo

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blue x Floral - OOTD (18/04/13)

OOTD - 16/04/14

Hi all! So I have been super tired due my upcoming exams/being totally lazy and leaving college work till the last minuet getting out of bed this morning was a total chore so I wasn't opted for something more toned down and comfy today.

So today I wore another one of my floral shirts (topman) paired with an oversized blue speckle jumper from h &m - £14 in the sales! - which for mens clothes is practically dirt cheap! I do like this outfit, it's one that takes little effort to pull off and its about as comfy and informal as I get but i still dressed this up (slightly) with the top button and black formal shoes seen in -this- OOTD.
I love hearing back from you guys so if you want drop me a comment down below and Ill get back to you when I can!
Speak soon,
Joe xo

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Something New - Haul (17.04.13)

So as you can see I did a spot of shopping thanks to my freind pay day.
The first item on my haul is the only item that I was orningaly ment to buy. I needed a new shirt for and upcoming party so I picked up this shirt for 28? pounds. I have tried to explain the print to a few people but all I could decribe it aswas abstract floral. Any other suggestion of how to describe it would be great.
 The next thing I grabbed was some new aftershave. I picked up Paul Smith aftershave under the advice of a friend after smelling it on them. Foolishly I didn't test it out before buying it and now I'm not sure how keen I am on i.

I also then went on to purchase some beauty products. The first and the most expensive was the Prada Candy body conditioner. This is so moisturizing and literary leaves your body smelling of the Prada candy perfume for hours after.
  I also hit bodyshop and picked up a new body butter. To those who know me this was clearly no surprise. In my opinion one of the most intensive body butters they sell but defiantly not the nicest smelling. Finally I grabbed some more moisturizer - l'orel men expert intensive moisturizer- this moisturize is by far my favorite! This is my go to daily moisturizer - I have blemished/dry skin so I find that you can easily get rid of dry/red marks left by spots after a few applications and leaves my skin so hydrated and not feeling greasy at all.

Speak to you all soon,
Joe xo

Monday, 15 April 2013

Mustard x Floral Misprint OOTD (16.04.13)


OOTD 16/04/13
-Mustard x Floral Misprint
Hey all! So today I have decided to rock my faviotre shirt and jumper combo. Today im wearing a shirt from topman which is a floral shirt with contrast collar and pocket, With this I am wearing (another) oversiszed knit from H&M. I absolutely love the color of this but the only issue I have with this, is that becuse its a ?XL? and knitted it is really rather heavy.
The reason this is one of my faviroe winter outfits is firstly becuse how comfy it is but I think the solid mustard really ofsets the two prints of the shirt.

Love to hear what you guys think so leave me a comment below
Speak soon,
Joe xo

Night Time Blogging

 Night time blogging

So is it just me who enjoys a spot of night time blogging? All be it not allways the most productive but I really enjoy being cureled up in bed with my laptop and some relaxing music playing typing up blog post and searching through and reading what seems like the eternity of the blogging comunity.

One reason that I could realy enjoy it is that all my socail networks are very quite at night (and for a good reason too) so im less includied to post something and to actually work on my blog. Another reason for my love of night time blogging is that in all honestly I have never liked going to sleep. Sleeping I adore, but the process of going to sleep isnt something I typical enjoy. I always feel that im missing out on something haha.

I would love to hear about everyone else blogging habits, so if you want leve a comment down below telling me about your prefered time to blog.

Speak soon,
Joe xo

College Casual - OOTD (15.04.13)

OOTD -15/04/13

Morning all. So im starting to get a hang of this blogging thing now, and hopfully I might keep this going - Just a small little secret, im pants and keeping anything longer then 2 weeks - So check back on the 29th and see if I have managed to carry this on.

Anyways to my outft - It was back to college today so i was a little rushed and wanted something versatile and causal just to throw on whilout a whole lot of effot. I opted to sport one of my less stament shirts (blue with white pockdots) with my new burgandy bomber jacket from topman.

I paided this with some light bleach denim jeans and black 'smart' shoes from moss bross.

This is type of outfit is a staple of my closet. Button up short sleeve shirt paired with jeans with a variation of shoes and outwear.

Speak soon,
Joe xo
-If anyone knows why my fonts are different on all my post I would appreciate it if you would let me know

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Transparent Trends

Transparent trends

So lately I have seen a trend that is by sure leaking its way into menswear and trying its hardest to stay in womenswear. The trend im talking about is 'transparency'

If you haven't noticed current all over the web, more and more people have been sharing their love for all that is transparent. First hitting the runway in the form of structured clutched bags with powerhouses such as Gucci, Valentino and Channel all putting their spin on this distinct trend. But it didint stop their and has now hit the high street and blogger circles alike. The most common take on this is the clear PVC clutch.

Soon after this trend caught hold I soon started to see it hit the footwear market with more and more shoes having clear aspects if not the whole thing being made clear.

Menswear report-
Although this trend is not as strong with the men it is still being done, and rather well may I add. With the lack of transparent accessories for men (although many including myself are lusting over them) - we have been left to dominate with clear shoes.
 Being done first and so successfully by Acne , now Jeremy Scott x Adidas has teamed up to offer a completely transparent version of the 'winged shoes'.

My thoughts... Well I am smitten, Although its not the most versatile or even in some cases practice I am in love with this trend. I would love to see this as hit in summer with transparent shoes and accessories being sported up and down the country. 

Thursday, 11 April 2013


Secret shops London


So London is a big place right? And finding your way around is hard right? So its understandable if you manage to miss out on some gems of boutique and shops right?.. Wrong. Im going to give you a grew inside tips to impress all your friends with London best and most hidden shopping gems.

The first is LD-CC. An appointment only high end concept store found notoriously tucked away in the depth of east London. No store front and no sign this shop will no doubt leave you checking your map twice, but it is so worth it. The interior was  created by acclaimed set designer and illustrator Gary Card with each room looking to me like a mix between something from Doctor who and something from Tim Burton. 

With their products stretching from new emerging designers , high end fashion brands and a eclectic collection of rare and vintage books and music this store will defiantly get you some cred points.