Thursday, 11 April 2013


Secret shops London


So London is a big place right? And finding your way around is hard right? So its understandable if you manage to miss out on some gems of boutique and shops right?.. Wrong. Im going to give you a grew inside tips to impress all your friends with London best and most hidden shopping gems.

The first is LD-CC. An appointment only high end concept store found notoriously tucked away in the depth of east London. No store front and no sign this shop will no doubt leave you checking your map twice, but it is so worth it. The interior was  created by acclaimed set designer and illustrator Gary Card with each room looking to me like a mix between something from Doctor who and something from Tim Burton. 

With their products stretching from new emerging designers , high end fashion brands and a eclectic collection of rare and vintage books and music this store will defiantly get you some cred points.

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