Monday, 15 April 2013

College Casual - OOTD (15.04.13)

OOTD -15/04/13

Morning all. So im starting to get a hang of this blogging thing now, and hopfully I might keep this going - Just a small little secret, im pants and keeping anything longer then 2 weeks - So check back on the 29th and see if I have managed to carry this on.

Anyways to my outft - It was back to college today so i was a little rushed and wanted something versatile and causal just to throw on whilout a whole lot of effot. I opted to sport one of my less stament shirts (blue with white pockdots) with my new burgandy bomber jacket from topman.

I paided this with some light bleach denim jeans and black 'smart' shoes from moss bross.

This is type of outfit is a staple of my closet. Button up short sleeve shirt paired with jeans with a variation of shoes and outwear.

Speak soon,
Joe xo
-If anyone knows why my fonts are different on all my post I would appreciate it if you would let me know


  1. Have you changed the fonts when you're writing them? :) You can choose whichever you want! You should get a follow button too :) x

    1. I think its were I have wrote some in word and copied the text in and some I wrote directly into blogger. But thank you! :D and ill get straight on that as well :) x

  2. Those shoes are lush!! You have amazing taste!

    1. Why thank you, and to you too!
      You'd never guess that they were my prom shoes from 2years ago haha.