Sunday, 14 April 2013

Transparent Trends

Transparent trends

So lately I have seen a trend that is by sure leaking its way into menswear and trying its hardest to stay in womenswear. The trend im talking about is 'transparency'

If you haven't noticed current all over the web, more and more people have been sharing their love for all that is transparent. First hitting the runway in the form of structured clutched bags with powerhouses such as Gucci, Valentino and Channel all putting their spin on this distinct trend. But it didint stop their and has now hit the high street and blogger circles alike. The most common take on this is the clear PVC clutch.

Soon after this trend caught hold I soon started to see it hit the footwear market with more and more shoes having clear aspects if not the whole thing being made clear.

Menswear report-
Although this trend is not as strong with the men it is still being done, and rather well may I add. With the lack of transparent accessories for men (although many including myself are lusting over them) - we have been left to dominate with clear shoes.
 Being done first and so successfully by Acne , now Jeremy Scott x Adidas has teamed up to offer a completely transparent version of the 'winged shoes'.

My thoughts... Well I am smitten, Although its not the most versatile or even in some cases practice I am in love with this trend. I would love to see this as hit in summer with transparent shoes and accessories being sported up and down the country. 

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