Thursday, 18 April 2013

Blue x Floral - OOTD (18/04/13)

OOTD - 16/04/14

Hi all! So I have been super tired due my upcoming exams/being totally lazy and leaving college work till the last minuet getting out of bed this morning was a total chore so I wasn't opted for something more toned down and comfy today.

So today I wore another one of my floral shirts (topman) paired with an oversized blue speckle jumper from h &m - £14 in the sales! - which for mens clothes is practically dirt cheap! I do like this outfit, it's one that takes little effort to pull off and its about as comfy and informal as I get but i still dressed this up (slightly) with the top button and black formal shoes seen in -this- OOTD.
I love hearing back from you guys so if you want drop me a comment down below and Ill get back to you when I can!
Speak soon,
Joe xo


  1. Awesome combo! Love the sweater!!

    I just wrote a new post! Would love to know what you think:D!


  2. I have the same jumper. It's pretty chic.