Monday, 15 April 2013

Night Time Blogging

 Night time blogging

So is it just me who enjoys a spot of night time blogging? All be it not allways the most productive but I really enjoy being cureled up in bed with my laptop and some relaxing music playing typing up blog post and searching through and reading what seems like the eternity of the blogging comunity.

One reason that I could realy enjoy it is that all my socail networks are very quite at night (and for a good reason too) so im less includied to post something and to actually work on my blog. Another reason for my love of night time blogging is that in all honestly I have never liked going to sleep. Sleeping I adore, but the process of going to sleep isnt something I typical enjoy. I always feel that im missing out on something haha.

I would love to hear about everyone else blogging habits, so if you want leve a comment down below telling me about your prefered time to blog.

Speak soon,
Joe xo


  1. Agreed, when all is calm and it's end of the day and I can just relax it's the best time to blog. Although sometimes checking out blogs at night can be never ending... It makes it even harder to go to sleep!

    1. Yeah I totally agree with you there, Admittedly I got abit carried away blogging and I did go to bed rather late last night. Ops!