Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Something New - Haul (17.04.13)

So as you can see I did a spot of shopping thanks to my freind pay day.
The first item on my haul is the only item that I was orningaly ment to buy. I needed a new shirt for and upcoming party so I picked up this shirt for 28? pounds. I have tried to explain the print to a few people but all I could decribe it aswas abstract floral. Any other suggestion of how to describe it would be great.
 The next thing I grabbed was some new aftershave. I picked up Paul Smith aftershave under the advice of a friend after smelling it on them. Foolishly I didn't test it out before buying it and now I'm not sure how keen I am on i.

I also then went on to purchase some beauty products. The first and the most expensive was the Prada Candy body conditioner. This is so moisturizing and literary leaves your body smelling of the Prada candy perfume for hours after.
  I also hit bodyshop and picked up a new body butter. To those who know me this was clearly no surprise. In my opinion one of the most intensive body butters they sell but defiantly not the nicest smelling. Finally I grabbed some more moisturizer - l'orel men expert intensive moisturizer- this moisturize is by far my favorite! This is my go to daily moisturizer - I have blemished/dry skin so I find that you can easily get rid of dry/red marks left by spots after a few applications and leaves my skin so hydrated and not feeling greasy at all.

Speak to you all soon,
Joe xo


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    1. Thank you! and thank for stopping by! I dont think I cant wait much longer to wear this ahah :)

  2. I love that printed shirt! so cute! thanks for dropping by my blog btw. I am following you now on GFC, mind following each other?

    1. Why thank you! I would love to follow back you blog is fab!

  3. that 'abstract floral' top is cute!